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Integrating ecosystem resilience into coastal planning for the persistence of natural flood protection and wetland ecosystem services

Cluster Leader: Dr Martin Skov, Bangor University

  • Fundamental biological and geo-morphological research to examine the resilience of marshes to environmental disturbance or change
  • Addresses salt marsh ecosystem services as crucial protection of our coastline against floods and erosion with direct relevance for shoreline management and planning
  • Important in regulation of the coastal environment providing recreational space, food, and habitat for protected species such as birds


Click here for a document providing a wider context and insights into the pertinent challenges being addressed by the Cluster’s research.

RESILCOAST is a partnership between:

Bangor University

  • Dr Martin Skov
  • Dr Jordi Pag├Ęs
  • Prof Stuart Jenkins

Cardiff University

  • Dr Rhoda Ballinger
  • Dr Emma McKinley

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

  • Dr Angus Garbutt

Swansea University

  • Dr John Griffin
  • Dr Mike Fowler

Natural Resources Wales

  • Dr Emmer Litt

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

  • Dr Nicola Beaumont

University of Southampton

  • Dr Eli Lazarus

The Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

  • Dr Tjeerd Bouma