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Quantification, Optimisation, and Environmental Impacts of Marine Renewable Energy

Cluster Leader: Dr Simon Neill, Bangor University

  • World-leading scientific research that will examine how wave and tidal energy resources interact with one-another
  • Addresses the nature of marine renewable energy resources in the context of sea-level rise and changing weather patterns
  • Aims to improve optimisation of marine energy as a reliable source of power to the grid with direct relevance to industry and policy

Click here for a document providing a wider context and insights into the pertinent challenges being addressed by the Cluster’s research.


QUOTIENT is a partnership between:

Bangor University

  • Dr Simon Neill
  • Prof Alan Davies
  • Dr Matt Lewis

Cardiff University

  • Prof Tim O’Doherty
  • Dr Shunqi Pan
  • Dr Allan Mason-Jones

Swansea University

  • Dr Ian Masters
  • Dr Alison Williams
  • Dr Nick Croft
  • Dr Michael Togneri

University of South Wales

  • Dr Daphne O’Doherty