Single-Use Plastic - What about it?

NRN-LCEE public event on Single-Use Plastics

Thursday 18 October 2018, 11.00-16.00. Riverside Terrace, Principality Stadium, Cardiff

You are invited to join this public event providing contexts and advances in research around problems, challenges and solutions for single-use plastics (SUP). The event is themed around three sessions:

  • Single Use Plastics & the Environment – Why do we (or don’t we) need to worry about SUP? What is the scale of pollution and waste issues in marine, terrestrial and freshwater environments?
  • Single Use Plastics & Innovation – What is changing? What is happening with the latest technologies for recycling and development of alternatives to SUP?
  • Single Use Plastics in Society – What is the role of plastics in our society? Are they here to stay? How does consumer behaviour and choice affect challenges, innovation and future availability of SUP?

Keynote speakers from across the UK will address these themes and share from their knowledge and experience so that you can gain an informed view on the role and challenges of single-use plastics in society.

Confirmed Speakers

This event is free to attend (limited to 100 places). Register your place today