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Cluster leader: Prof. Iain Donnison, Aberystwyth University

  • Investigates the interaction between plants and buildings with direct relevance for future building design and crop development
  • Studies the benefits of plants in the living space and the use of plants as a source of low carbon materials to store carbon and improve sustainability and in-door air quality
  • Potential to improve human well-being and food security and to address carbon emission targets


Click here for a document providing a wider context and insights into the pertinent challenges being addressed by the Cluster’s research.


Plants & Architecture is a partnership between:

Aberystwyth University

  • Prof. Iain Donnison
  • Dr Maurice Bosch
  • Dr Paul Robson
  • Dr Peter Wootton-Beard

Bangor University

  • Dr Graham Ormondroyd
  • Dr Morwenna Spear
  • Dr Simon Curling
  • Dr Durai Prabhakaran

Cardiff University

  • Prof. Phil Jones
  • Dr Yagang Xiang

Work Supported by in-kind contributions from: