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Assessing, Characterising and Enhancing Geologic Carbon Storage and Geothermal Energy in Wales

Cluster Leader: Dr Andy Mitchell, Aberystwyth University

  • Investigates the subsurface as a locale for low carbon energy pathways specifically to characterise and enhance geologic carbon storage systems and groundwater heating systems in Wales
  • Will deliver science and technology to tackle climate change with provision of energy security and economic prosperity
  • Will be at an international scientific frontier for future low carbon economic development and deliver critical information to underpin policy development in Wales and elsewhere.

Opportunities for Sêr Cymru Fellowships and PhD studentships:

  • There are no current opportunities.

GEO-CARB-CYMRU is a partnership between:

Aberystwyth University

  • Dr Andrew Mitchell
  • Dr Arwyn Edwards
  • Prof Andrew Evans
  • Dr Andrew Thomas
  • Dr Sara Rassner

Cardiff University

  • Dr Snehasis Tripathy
  • Prof Hywel Thomas

British Geological Survey Wales

  • Dr David Schofield
  • Mrs Michelle Bentham
  • Dr Davide Gamboa
  • Mr Gareth Farr

National Museum Wales

  • Dr Richard Bevins
  • Mr Peter Walker

University of Leeds

  • Prof Lianne Benning