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Assessing, Characterising and Enhancing Geologic Carbon Storage and Geothermal Energy in Wales

Cluster Leader: Dr Andy Mitchell, Aberystwyth University

  • Investigates the subsurface as a locale for low carbon energy pathways specifically to characterise and enhance geologic carbon storage systems and groundwater heating systems in Wales
  • Will deliver science and technology to tackle climate change with provision of energy security and economic prosperity
  • Will be at an international scientific frontier for future low carbon economic development and deliver critical information to underpin policy development in Wales and elsewhere.

Click here for a document providing a wider context and insights into the pertinent challenges being addressed by the Cluster’s research.

GEO-CARB-CYMRU is a partnership between:

Aberystwyth University

  • Dr Andrew Mitchell
  • Dr Arwyn Edwards
  • Prof Andrew Evans
  • Dr Andrew Thomas
  • Dr Sara Rassner

Cardiff University

  • Dr Snehasis Tripathy
  • Prof Hywel Thomas

British Geological Survey Wales

  • Dr David Schofield
  • Mrs Michelle Bentham
  • Dr Davide Gamboa
  • Mr Gareth Farr

National Museum Wales

  • Dr Richard Bevins
  • Mr Peter Walker

University of Leeds

  • Prof Lianne Benning