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Minimising the Impacts of Intensive Aquaculture in the face of Climate Change

Cluster Leader: Dr Sonia Consuegra, Swansea University.

  • Directly addresses the three main challenges for sustainable aquaculture (reducing its ecological footprint, reducing the risk of disease transmission, and controlling the inadvertent introduction of invasive species)
  • Novel approach considering simultaneously the roles of genetic and non-genetic effects on fish domestication and response to crowding
  • Combines new molecular techniques with the power of citizen science to develop innovative methods of early detection and management of invasive species in relation to Aquaculture and Fisheries

Project website:


AQUAWALES is a partnership between:

Swansea University

Dr Sonia Consuegra

Prof. Carlos Garcia de Leaniz

Dr. Olivier Rey


Aberystwyth University

Prof. Peter Brophy IBERS


Cardiff University

Prof. Jo Cable

Dr. Pablo Orozco-terWengel

Dr. Amy Ellison


Natural Resources Wales 

Mr Peter Gough

Dr Tristan Hatton-Ellis



Dr Raquel Xavier


Cardiff Harbour Authority

Mr David Hall


Mr Eric Roderick



Mr Dave Kilbey


Pontus Aqua

Dr Jack M. James



Dr Brendan Gara


Wye & Usk Foundation

Dr Stephen Marsh-Smith


Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources (CIBIO)

Dr. Rauquel Xavier


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