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Minimising the Impacts of Intensive Aquaculture in the face of Climate Change

Cluster Leader: Dr Sonia Consuegra, Swansea University

  • Directly addresses the three main challenges for sustainable aquaculture (reducing its ecological footprint, reducing the risk of disease transmission, and controlling the inadvertent introduction of invasive species)
  • Novel approach considering simultaneously the roles of genetic and non-genetic effects on fish domestication and response to crowding
  • Combines new molecular techniques with the power of citizen science to develop innovative methods of early detection and management of invasive species in relation to Aquaculture and Fisheries

Project website

Click here for a document providing a wider context and insights into the pertinent challenges being addressed by the Cluster’s research.


AQUAWALES is a partnership between:

Swansea University

Aberystwyth University

Cardiff University

Bangor University

  • Dr Andrew Foote

Natural Resources Wales

  • Mr Peter Gough
  • Dr Tristan Hatton-Ellis

Cardiff Harbour Authority

  • Mr David Hall


  • Mr Eric Roderick


  • Mr Dave Kilbey

Pontus Aqua

  • Dr Jack M. James


  • Dr Brendan Gara

Wye & Usk Foundation

  • Dr Stephen Marsh-Smith

Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources (CIBIO)

  • Dr Rauquel Xavier