About the Network

The National Research Network for Low Carbon, Energy and the Environment (NRN-LCEE) aims to integrate research at different spatial scales across air-land-water domains, thereby substantially improving the Welsh research capacity.

A driving ethos of the Network is to encourage research that crosses traditional boundaries between disciplines and improves cooperation and knowledge exchange between Universities, Research Centres, industry and third sector parties.

Because of its boundary-crossing ambitions, and the excellence of the partner organisations, the NRN-LCEE provides an exciting opportunity for the research community of Wales to address questions that are to date under-represented in the scientific community. The NRN-LCEE has set out to attract researchers with excellent track records working in the environmental, bioscience and energy fields.

The vision for the Network is to make Wales a world-leader in a systems-based approach to natural resource management embedded in a linked social-ecological system. This requires a new, whole-system approach to environmental science integrating research at different spatial scales, and across air-land-freshwater-marine domains.

Our Research:

NRN-LCEE research focuses on complex issues related to food, energy and water security in the face of environmental, societal and economic constraints on local through to global scales, in four main thematic areas: Sustainable intensification; Low carbon energy pathways; Developing the bio economy – social, economic and technological modelling;  and Impacts and mitigation of climate change and human activity. This strategy maps onto the emerging environmental research strategy in Wales and the ambition to explore the interfaces between research that crosses traditional boundaries amongst UK and EU funding agencies.

NRN-LCEE research is centred in NRN-LCEE Research Clusters: consortia of established, ambitious Welsh research teams that by coming together will be able to address new areas of research that are internationally relevant. The Research Clusters appoint Fellows and PhD students and are anticipated to attract researchers with excellent track records working in the environmental, bioscience and energy fields.

The Research Clusters form the core activity of the Network. The Clusters will ensure that new inter/ multidisciplinary research will be generated between a diverse group of research institutions and will bring the partner organisations together to conduct research that crosses traditional discipline boundaries.

The NRN-LCEE Research Development Fund is available for researchers throughout Wales for initiatives that can demonstrate a contribution towards the development of the Welsh research capacity within the thematic research areas of the NRN-LCEE. It has a regular calls and is aimed to support new research developments and/or to expand opportunities for knowledge transfer, as well as engagement with stakeholders and industry initiatives.

Our other activities:

The NRN-LCEE funds and organises events and workshops that are open to researchers across Wales and also will introduce Sêr Cymru Fellows and students to a much wider agenda.

In addition, the Network organises a public lecture series hosted at different partner institutions across Wales and aimed to expose Welsh researchers and the general public to experts in current challenges and some of the best LCEE research.